Sunday, March 25, 2007


So today i can officially put on of those little white apple stickers on my bike and no one will accuse me of being a poser. Thats right I got a MacBook...Now I can blog at coffee shops, airports or whenever I'm on the road. Currently I'm laying in bed pounding away on this cute little keyboard. Anyway, maybe now I'll get around to posting more often and get a bunch of people checking out the site everyday. Probably not but who cares. I kind of wish I had something interesting to talk about-stick with me this may get good-but I really don't.

I got up early today and went to the Apple Store, then Mr. Goodcents then went to my office and tried to get my mail from Outlook 2007 to Mail. Here's the trick in case your wondering...Install Thunderbird on the Win computer and import all the mail into it...then you get a nice clean .mbox file that Mail understands. What does PST stand for anyway? After the whole mail fiasco I played around with Keynote and made a very Steve Jobs looking presentation consisting of about 3 slides. Somehow everything is just cooler on an Mac.

Anyway, then since it was 80 degrees outside I decided to go ride my bike around the city. I only rode for about an hour cause I wanted to get back to my little toy. I made it a worth while ride though and used my heart rate monitor to do intervals... when my heart rate dipped below 130 I turned on the jets and sprinted up a hill or through a stop light and kept going until I red lined. Then I pretty much have been sitting inside for the rest of the day installing Photoshop and other interesting applications.

Ok so that was a pretty hohum day...but I got a new computer so thats exciting.

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