Thursday, March 15, 2007

Floyd Landis

Well things are getting pretty exciting with the Landis case. It looks like people in the main stream media are actually getting the facts right and are presenting Landis' side of the story. Check out Landis hits the road to clear his name MSNBC.

And of course my favorite blog Trust But Verify has more links and more information than anyone about the subject. His site currently reports over 291,100 visitors, I think that I personally account for half of those because I check it everyday...sometimes even from my phone while I'm at the bar...

If you're looking for strong opinions based on research and fact check out Rant Your Head Off he's another authority on all things Floyd.

Martin Dugard writes like I would write if I were a good writer. I actually purchased his book Chasing Lance after reading his blog entries about Floyd Landis. I wish he would have taken the chance to write the Landis book.

Then there's Steroid Nation, Peloton Jim and a whole slew of others...Last week Fat Cyclist even broke down and wrote about Floyd.

The point of this is that there are people out there that are looking for the truth. Most of them have a pretty strong opinion of Floyd's innocence and thats awesome. I'm worried about all the Sunday afternoon cyclists that when you mention Floyd Landis--yeah the guy who won the Tour de France and was accused of using testosterone--won't understand, care or even realize that he was accused, drug through the dirt, kicked off of his team, lost his sponsors and spent all of his money on defending himself because someone messed up somewhere or was sloppy. I want Floyd to race and win again so the doping people will shut the fuck up and let us all enjoy cycling. I want everything to be fair.

Anyway, for all my buddies who occasionally stumble across my blog but aren't into cycling I think Floyd Landis is innocent. Check the links above and form your own opinions and we'll have something interesting to talk about the next time we're at the bar or on a ride...

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