Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Tangles in the Landis web

I was looking for the data files from the Landis case the other day to have my scientist friend check them out. But I couldn't seem to find them and apparently TBV knows why...Because Landis Doesn't have them either... (Where Are the Data Files on TBV)

Ok so my summary of the situation is this...if they don't have the files that shows the data that came out of their mass spectrometer thing how can they prove anything is what they say it is. TBV speculates that by omitting this data and violating WADA code the case may be thrown out on one of those technicalities they've been talking about.

How many technicalities are they gonna need? Now I'll admit that I am biased, meaning I currently believe and have always believed in Floyd's innocence, but come on this is a full blow circus. There have been several times where USADA could have easily thrown in the towel and said oh yeah, this is messed up. But they haven't and now as it continues and gets closer to the trail date there is constantly "new shit coming to light" thats making everyone on the prosecution side look incredibly foolish and inept at accomplishing the simple tasks required by their jobs.

The lab must realize by now that it's in trouble...why not save some small shred of dignity and admit to botching the whole thing. Now it really has gotten ridiculous.

On a brighter note. I rode with the Cat 5 guys at the Tuesday night crits I dropped out a couple of times and rejoined but finished with the peloton...I think I'm gonna buck up for the season doping controls there, which is good for me.

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Brian said...

You are right on this one. Guilty or not, Landis is getting a bum deal from the lab. Please go sign the petition to remove accretidation from this poorly behaved lab.