Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Orgasm on a bike?

I posted this over on Paunchiness as well but I thought it was fitting here.

I've always wanted my wife to get a bike so she could go on rides with me. Unfortunately, she's not really into the whole idea of riding and doesn't really get it. I've thought about sneaking one in for a birthday or christmas present. I feel that getting someone exercise equipment in any form for a present sends the a mixed message. Even though my wife looks incredible and takes care of herself I think she'd figure I gave her a bike because I thought she was fat and needed to work out more.

Either way, this is a funny video. Show it to your loved ones for a laugh not to butter them up in preparation for buying them there first bike since childhood.

If you're still thinking about buying a wife or a girlfriend a bike it's probably ok as long as it's an arbitrary gift sometime in the spring and not in any way related to a holiday where they expect something that they want.

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