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Anyone tried the "Fat Fast" (Kekwick Diet) lately? - Atkins Diet

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The Kekwick Diet was named after one of its developers, Alan Kekwick. It was documented in a study titled:

"Calorie Intake in Relation to Body Weight Changes in the Obese," Lancet, July 28, 1956, 155-161 by Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan.

Basically, what they did was to take a group of overweight subjects and put them in three groups. Each group received 1000 calories per day. One group was fed 90% carbohydrates, the second group 90% protein, and the third group 90% fat.

The group receiving 90% carbohydrates gained an average of 0,24 pounds per day of the study. The group receiving 90 protein lost an average of 0,6 pounds per day of the study, and the group receiving 90% fat lost an average of 0,9 pounds per day of the study.

This clearly demonstrates the superiority of diets high in protein and fats over diets high in carbohydrates. Note that each group received only 1000 calories per day. It's interesting to note that even at the very restricted level of 1000 calories per day, subjects fed 90% carbohydrates actually GAINED weight.

A 1000 calorie per day diet of 90% fat is not a very exciting diet, but it can achieve the fat loss you apparently wish to achieve.

Do please note that the Kekwick is a diet designed by doctors and tested in clinical trials, so don't be in too much of a hurry to dismiss it outright. It certainly isn't a diet that should be widely used, however.

Finally, the Kekwick diet isn't recommended unless you are extremely insulin resistant and have not been able to lose body fat on any other diet, including a more conventional low-carbohydrate diet.

In the book, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, Dr. Atkins wrote that the Fat Fast is for the people who are severely resistant to weight loss. It's not to "speed up" the rate of your loss because you believe you are losing too slowly.

According to Dr. Atkins you can be severely metabolically resistant to weight loss for a number of reasons. But you have to rule out any weight loss "stallers" that can be reversed or alleviated.

Before considering doing the Fat Fast:

1. Did you follow the book exactly during Induction and still didn't lose any weight?

In other words, did you only eat what was listed on the Induction Acceptable Foods list, followed the rules of Induction, exercised, took your vitamin supplements, etc. If you didn't do any or all of these things, your lack of weight loss might not be due to metabolic resistance to weight loss at all and you should really consider doing the diet properly before considering to do the Fat Fast.

2. Did you go to your doctor to have tests done for the following: hyperinsulinism, thyroid problems, and yeast overgrowth?

If any of these things apply to you, then your doctor should be able to give you treatments to help you with these problems and once these problems are solved your weight loss, typically, will improve.

3. Are you on any medications that can interfere with your weight loss?

Dr. Atkins cites anti-arthritis medications, steroids, hormones (birth control pills, HRTs), anti-depressants, diuretics and beta-blockers as some of the medications that can interfere with weight loss. If you are on any of these medications, you should sit down with your doctor and try to figure out if any alternatives can be given to you instead.

If you have gone through this list and have ruled out these things with your doctor, then Fat Fast might be an option for you.

Fat Fast/Kekwick diet isn't for you if:

  1. You "cheated" through your Induction phase by not strictly following the Rules and/or eating foods not on the Acceptable Foods List or not in the quantities allowed during Induction. Those sneaks, cheats, and one bites can severely derail weight loss in some people.
  2. You are losing weight and want to break a stall.
  3. You want to speed up your metabolism to lose weight faster.
  4. You want to lose weight faster.


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