Monday, April 17, 2006

Why my bike fits me... Bio Racer fit system

Maplewood Bicycle : Bio-Racer Fitting Systems

I've always been the kind of guy who throws a leg over a bike and pulls it up to my crotch, two inches of clearance...perfect. Handle bars are handle bars, stems are stems and the seat post is adjustable.

Anyway it turns out that I've been riding around on a bike that's the perfect size for me, it just didn't have the perfect handlebars, stem, cranks, pedals or seat and that's why it was uncomfortable. So I went to Maplewood Cycles and had them do one of their fit systems. I was measured with all sorts of calipers and scales and rulers. It was sort of like when the game warden shoots a lion with a tranquilizer dart from a helicopter, the only thing I didn't get was an ear tag and tracking collar.

After some complex mathematical equations and moving the moving parts on their trainer we put my bike in the stand and put on some new bars and a stem. I was again measured and prodded, they used lasers this time, and it seemed as though everything checked out. I've been riding the bike for a week now and It's awesome. The tiniest tweaks on some of the parts has made huge difference. The guys at Maplewood of course started talking about ordering one of their custom Merlin frames built to the measurements they got from the lasers but I'm going to settle with riding my 'new and improved' Lemond around. Maybe next summer guys.

Anyway, here's the shameless plug... get it done it may change your life or at least your bike.

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