Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gatorade Commercials

So I was at a friends house the other day watching Sports Center or something like that. Anyway, I noticed a whole slew of Gatorade commercials. So I started thinking...what are the demographics of the average Sports Center viewer. Do they get a lot of athletes or is just your average sit on the couch every Sunday afternoon watching 'the game' kind of crowd. Assuming, as I did, that the SC viewing audience is mostly overweight males from 18-35 who's participation in sports is generally from the sideline I wondered why Gatorade would spend so much on advertising on that channel. Do these people actually watch SC and then go out and play a sport that would require them to drink Gatorade because their electrolytes where low. I dunno, as I sat there drinking a Captain and Coke I thought about getting a Gatorade in the morning to quell my hangover...Maybe that's it. Perhaps the folks over at Gatorade and Method Studios should consider advertising that caters more to the hard core drinker. "When your electrolytes are low and you're feeling dehydrated from a night of 'hard core' drinking reach for Gatorade, it's better than water"

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