Thursday, July 17, 2008

BicycleWORKS Fund Raiser Ride

On the weekend of July 25 BicycleWORKS is hosting a pledge drive to inaugurate a new fund-raising event designed to put us on the path to ownership of a permanent home. For twenty years BicycleWORKS has been serving the Saint Louis community by renting space in the Shaw Neighborhood. It has become clear to us that in order to grow or even maintain our presence in the community that BicycleWORKS will have to lay down roots before the market moves beyond our grasp. To this end, we are sending out four of our "fittest and finest", myself included, to the Katy Trail and challenging you to match 25 cents for every mile our team covers before passing out of exhaustion. We leave Friday morning from Saint Charles and will ride until the first person goes down, be it 70, 85, 125 or the whole 225 miles. The rules are simple, you pledge to pay 25 cents per mile by sending an email to with the heading "KATY TRAIL", and we pledge to ride as far as we can go before falling passing out (defined as any member of the team taking a single break that is greater than 30 minutes long). We will keep this pilot attempt informal and on the honor system, but we hope that with success we will be able to create a regular and formal BicycleWORKS funding raising event. Those that can't handle the suspense are welcome to give us the benefit of the doubt and donate the maximum amount of $56.25 (25 cents x 225 miles). We also will gladly accept pledges greater than 25 cents per mile, if you are so inclined to torture us by giving us the incentive to actually ride as far as we can go. Pledges will receive an email a week after the ride providing a brief log of noteworthy events, the total mileage covered by the BicycleWORKS team, and the final amount of your pledge.

Please remember include the following details in your email:

· “KATY TRAIL” as the subject of your email to

· Sponsorship of the entire team of four - or - a single rider

· Total amount of pledge per mile or lump sum

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing everyone at the shop!

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