Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Floyd Landis Testifies

Floyd gets back into the witness box today and while it was nice for the press it didn't really do anything for the case. I can see how the Floyd haters could begin to draw conclusions that Floyd is evil or surrounded by dopers.

The point is that both sides have put up fairly good arguments. Whatever side of the fence one happens to be on has the greener grass.

I think the key here is the LNDD testimony, errors of omission, shoddy practices and the slew of other things effectively outlined by the the defense team.

This is not a case that can be decided based on someone hurt my feelings or I think someone admitted something to me or any of the other superficial chops at Floyd's character the prosecution has brought up.

There has been a lot of talk about living in the fish bowl for ten months...Floyd and his team have run at the glass and bumped their noses off of it pretty hard and have done quite a bit of damage to the PR side. But thats not what this case is based on. Floyd didn't hire an Ad agency to represent him. He has a team of lawyers and expert witnesses that have formed some pretty solid conclusions that the lab work is highly questionable and doesn't stand up to the level scrutiny required to dole out a sanction.

As always there is more information available on www.trustbut.com

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