Wednesday, September 13, 2006

MS 150

So this weekend I did mechanical support for the MS 150 here in Missouri. My buddy from Maplewood Bicycle and I showed up Friday night at about 9:30 to a swarm of people needing stuff done to their bikes. We fixed everything from flat tires to stretched derailleur cables. I crawled into my tent at around one in the morning. The next day we woke up to more of the same. Fixing flats, replacing bar tape adjusting brakes that were rubbing the rim. I started to wonder why anyone in there right mind would show up to a 150 mile bike ride with their bikes in such poor condition.

Then I realized that they were all there for a purpose. To raise awareness and money to fight multiple sclerosis. It made everything a little easier. I could pop on the most difficult Continental tire with ease because I knew that even though I wasn't riding I was making a contribution to the goal.

There were a couple of people who may have just been out for a ride. I am sure there were riders who didn't even know anyone with MS. But there were 3000 some odd people , some on Merlins others on Huffys that made the ride.

Anyway...Thanks to everyone who was there because my best friend has MS.

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