Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nikon D200 - Oh yeah you will be mine

Nikon D200

The D200 is Nikon's latest DSLR. It's a semi-pro camera positioned between the tremendously popular D70s and the professional D2X. The D200 is similar in size to the D70s and just a bit heavier.

I bought my D70 for about $1,200 when it was first released. The D70 is a nice plastic camera and I love it. A year and a half later for only about $700 more you can get the D200, which in addition to being almost twice as fast and having almost twice the pixels, the D200 is a solid professional camera.

I expect that this will be the most popular camera used by professional photographers due to its light weight, low cost, high speed and tough magnesium body. In my opinion it obsoletes the D2X, since it does 90% of what the D2X does without the weight and expense. I've never even wanted a D2X; it's too darn heavy.

Nikon USA D200 Page

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